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Sylwetki polskie w Ameryce Łacińskiej w XIX i XX wieku. Uczeni, literaci, artysci, kler i wojskowi [Łapiński - Żak] , Urbański, Edmund S., PIASA NY; Artex Publishing, Stevens Point WI 1991, vol. II: 243 pages / strony

Szept sosnowych igieł. Mądrości Indian Ameryki Północnej, Michalik, Leszek & Michalik, Piotr G., - selection, editing, and translation / wybór, opracowanie i przekład, Miniatura, Kraków 2006, 96 pages / stron

Tales of the Eastern Indians, Girard, Geoffrey, Middle Atlantic Press, Moorestown NJ 2008, 255 pages / stron

Tawacin, Quarterly/Kwartalnik, Pismo Przyjaciół Indian pod redakcją Marka Maciołka. Wielichowo 1985-2010. Numery: 24-1993/4; 33-1996; 34-1996; 35-1996; 36-1996; 37-1997; 38-1997; 39-1997; 40-1997; 41-1998; 42-1998; 44-1998; 45-1999; 46-1999; 47-1999; 48-1999; 49-2000; 50-2000; 51-2000; 52-2000; 53-2001; 54-2001; 55-2001; 56-2001; 57-2002; 58-2002; 63-2003; 64-2003; 65-2004; 66-2004; 67-2004; 68-2004; 69-2005; 70-2005; 71-2005; 72-2005; 73-2006; 74-2006; 75-2006; 76-2006; 77-2007; 78-2007; 79-2007; 80-2007; 81-2008; 82-2008; 83-2008; 84-2008; 85-2009; 86-2009

Tecumseh. A Life, Sugden, John, Henry Holt & Company, New York 1998, 492 pages / strony

(The) Temple of the Jaguar. Travels in the Yucatan. A Personal Journey of Hope and Renewal, Schueler, Donald G., Sierra Club Books, San Francisco (CA) 1993, 253 pages / strony

(The) Tepehuan Revolt of 1616. Militarism, Evangelism, and Colonialism in Seventeenth-Century Nueva Vizcaya, Gradie, Charlotte M., The University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City (UT) 2000, 238 pages / stron

Terminal Classic Occupation in the Maya Sites Located in the Triangulo Park, Peten, Guatemala, Źrałka, Jarosław, Jagiellonian University Press, Kraków 2008, 268 pages / stron

Theodore Roosevelt & Six Friends of the Indians, Hagan, William T., University of Oklahoma Press, Norman and London 1997, 274 pages / strony

These Daring Disturbers of the Public Peace. The Struggle for Property and Power in Early New Jersey, McConville, Brendan, Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London 1999, 318 pages / stron

They Taught You Wrong. A Manual for Everyone Who has been Misinformed about American Indians - Especially Teachers. Raising Cultural Counciousness of Stereotypes and Misconceptions about American Indians, Kerner, Kathy, Lynchburg VA 1995, 129 pages / stron

This Day in North American Indian History. Important Dates in the History of Nrth America's Native Peoples for Every Calendar Day, Konstantin, Phil, Da Capo Press, Cambridge (MA) 2002, 456 pages / stron

This Land Was Theirs. A Study of the North American Indian, Oswalt, Wendell H., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York -London - Sydney 1966, 560 pages / stron

Thomas More's Magician. A Novel Account of Utopia in Mexico, Green, Toby, Phoenix, London (UK) 2005, 404 pages / strony

Through Indian Eyes. The Untold Story of the American Native Peoples, NONAME AUTH., Reader's Digest, Pleasantville, New York / Montreal 1995, 400 pages / stron

Timelines of Native American History, Waldman, Carl, Illustrated by Molly Braun, Prentice Hall General Reference, New York 1994, 9+32 pages / stron

Tlillan-Tlapallan. Estudios sobre la religion mesoamericana, Wierciński, Andrzej, Sociedad Polaca de Estudios Latinoamericanos, Warszawa - Poznań 1998, 197 pages / stron

Tradycja a etniczność. Przemiany kultury Polonii amerykańskiej , Posern-Zieliński, Aleksander, nstytut Historii Kultury Materialnej PAN, Biblioteka Etnografii Polskiej nr 37, Ossolineum, Wrocław etc. 1982, 317 pages / stron

Trail to Wounded Knee. The Last Stand of the Plains Indians 1860-1890, Viola, Herman J., National Geographic, Washington DC 2003, 198 pages /stron

Treasures of the Andes. The Glories of Inca and Pre-columbian South America, Quilter, Jeffrey, Duncan Baird Publishers, London (UK) 2005, 224 pages / strony

Tres Testigos de la Conquista del Peru /Hernando Pizarro, Juan Ruiz de Arce, Diego de Trujillo/, de Canilleros, Conde, Espasa-Calpe, S.A., Madrid 1964, 141 pages / stron

(The) True Story of Pocahontas. The Other Side of History , Custalow Dr.,Linwood "Little Bear"&Daniel,Angela L."Silwer St, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden (CO) 2007, 138 pages / stron

Trzy barwy Meksyku, Sten, Maria, Wydawnictwo Arkady, Warszawa 1961, 84 pages / strony

Tupac Amaru, Valcarcel, Carlos Daniel, Moncloa-Campodonico Editores Asociados, Lima 1970, 331 pages / stron

Twelve Thousand Years. American Indians in Maine, Bourque, Bruce J., University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London 2001, 368 pages / stron

Two Leggins: The Making of a Crow Warrior, Nabokov, Peter, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London 1967, 226 pages / stron

Tylko ziemia przetrwa... Mała antologia dawnej i współczesnej literatury Indian Ameryki Północnej, Michalik, Leszek, Ed., Sztumski Ośrodek Kultury, Sztum 1992, 140 pages / stron

Ultima Thule. Explorers and Natives in the Polar North, Malaurie, Jean, translated from the French by Willard Wood and Anthony Roberts. W.W. Norton and Company, New York - London 2003, 400 pages / stron

Under God's Spell. Frontier Evangelists 1772-1915, Luchetti, Cathy, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, San Diego - New York - London 1989, 244 pages / strony

(The) Underground Railroad. Ties That Bound Unveiled , Trusty, Emma Marie, Amed Literary, Philadelphia (PA) 1999, 422 pages / strony

Uncas. First of the Mohegans, Oberg, Michael Leroy, Cornell University Press, Ithaca and London 2003, 268 pages / stron

Unknown Island. Seri Indians, Europeans, and San Esteban Island in the Gulf of California, Bowen, Thomas, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque (NM) 2000, 548 pages / stron

(The) Unredeemed Captive. A Family Story from Early America, Demos, John, Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1994, 318 pages / stron

(The) Vineland Map and the Tartar Relation, Skelton, R.A.; Marston, Thomas E.; and Painter, George D., Eds., New Edition with an Introduction by George Painter and Essays by Wilcomb E. Washburn, Thomas A. Cahill and Bruce H. Kusko, and Laurence C. Witten II, Yale University Press, New Haven and London 1995, 291 pages / stron

(A) Voyage Long and Strange. Rediscovering the New World, Horwitz, Tony, Henry Holt and Company, LLC, New York 2008, 447 pages / stron

Warpaths. Invasions of North America, Steele, Ian K., Oxford University Press, New York - Oxford 1994, 282 pages / strony

(The) War That Made America. A Short History of the French and Indian War, Anderson, Fred, Viking, New York 2005, 293 pages /strony

(The) Way of the Warrior. American Indians (Series), Editors of Time-Life Books, Alexandria (VA) 1993, 184 pages / strony

W blasku Inti, Korewa, Maria, Czytelnik, Warszawa 1960, 328 pages / stron

We Are Still Here! The Tribal Saga of New Jersey's Nanticoke and Lenape Indians, Norwood, John R., Native New Jersey Publications, Moorsetown NJ 2007, 62 pages / strony

(The) West. A Collection from Harper's Magazine, NONAME AUTH., Gallery Books of W.H. Smith Publishers, Inc., New York 1990, 530 pages / stron

(The) Westo Indians. Slave Traders of the Early Colonial South, NONAME AUTH., The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa (AL) 2005, 144 pages / strony

We Talk, You Listen. New Tribes, New Turf, Deloria Jr., Vine, Bison Books, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln 2007, 227 pages / stron

Where White Men Fear to Tread. An Autobiography of Russell Means, Means, Russell with Wolf, Marvin J., St. Martin's Griffin, New York 1995, 573 pages / strony

White Captives. Gender and Ethnicity on the American Frontier, Namias, June, The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill & London 1993, 378 pages / stron

White Savage. William Johnson and the Invention of America, O'Toole, Fintan, Faber and Faber, London 2005, 402 pages / strony

Wielka Historia Świata. Tom I: Świat przed "rewolucją" neolityczną , Kozłowski, Janusz Krzysztof; rozd. 3: przez Francesco Mallegni', PAU, Fogra Oficyna Wydawnicza, Kraków 2004, 768 pages / stron

Wielkosć zrodzona w cierpieniu. Opowiesć o rzeźbiarzu Korczaku Ziółkowskim, Baszczyński, Lester C., Wydawnictwo Maron, Warszawa 2003, 424 pages / strony

Wietrzny Orzeł i inne opowiesci Abenaków, Bruchac, Joseph, Przełożył Marek Maciołek. TIPI, Wielichowo 1995, 64 pages / strony

Wik-Wum Life Series. Traditional Ways of Living and the New Earth, Vol. No. 1 of hand-drawings and text (Bock, WM. Sauts Netamux'w, Lenape Cultural Council and Native Scholars Network, Souderton PA 1988, 51 pages / stron

William Bartram on the Southeastern Indians, Waselkov, Gregory A. and Holland Braund, Kathryn E., Eds., University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London 1995, 343 pages / strony

William Penn's Own Account of the Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians, Penn, William; Myers, Albert Cook, Ed., The Middle Atlantic Press, Wilmington DE 1970, 96 pages / stron

(The) Wild Frontier. Atrocities During the American-Indian War from Jamestown Colony to Wounded Knee, Osborn, William M., Random House, New York 2000, 367 pages / stron

Wild Justice. The People of Geronimo vs. the United States, Lieder, Michael and Page, Jake, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman 1999, 321 pages / stron

W krainie czerni i czerwieni. Kultury prekolumbijskiej Mezoameryki, Olko, Justyna; Źrałka, Jarosław, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa 2008, 456 pages / stron

Wojownicy Gwiaździstych Tarcz. Duchowosć i kutura Indian Ameryki Północnej, Michalik, Leszek, Miniatura, Kraków 1999, 360 pages / stron

Wojownicy Gwiaździstych Tarcz. Duchowosć i kultura Indian Ameryki Północnej, Michalik, Leszek, Studio Astropsychologii, Białystok 2006, 248 pages / stron

Women and Power in Native America, Klein, Laura F. and Ackerman, Lillian A., Eds., University of Oklahoma Press, Norman and London 1995, 294 pages / strony

Women in Prehistory. North America and Mesoamerica, Claassen, Cheryl and Joyce, Rosemary A., Eds., University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia 1997, 300 pages / stron

(The) World of the Ancient Maya, second edition (Henderson, John S.), Cornell University Press, Ithaca (NY) and London (UK) 1997, 329 pages / stron

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