Commentaries and Postulates (Archive)

To all members of this Society.

It is not my pleasure to write this commentary. Why? Because, it refers to the difficult financial situation of this organization, and also to the irresposibility of these of its members to whom the satisfying of annual dues goes rather hard, or, to these who entirely ignored this obligation. Not without the reason I put below the copy of the Board of Directors' decision about voting in Leszek Michalik as the Executive Director for the European Union. I did it because I heard this outraged opinion of one of the members from EU - "why should I send money to somebody's private account?". At this occasion I like to state that Leszek Michalik is not only this Society's branch organizer, but also a trusted man. We, my dear fellow members, cannot afford spending our funds on the Society's legal registration in Poland, which, in turn, would enable Leszek Michalik to open an account in PAES/PATE name.

We will all agree that there are no societies that wouldn't charge their members' dues. In case of the PAES/PATE, "Group USA" too long carried the financial responsibility of issuing our books using alone the accumulated funds from our members' dues. Therefore putting this "burden" partially over the shoulders of UE members is justified and well-founded. But how symbolic is their amount! Nevertheless, if they will flow regularily, they may efficiently help the US headquorters in - for example - organizing a scholarly conference in Poland, or in easing our finacial efforts in issuing a new book. But it will be gravely sad to us, if, by the irresponsibility of majority of members in the European Union, we will be pressed to throw away our hopes for the development of PAES/PATE in EU and our ambitious plans for cooperation. That's it why I appeal to you to satisfy your small obligations until the calendar year of 2011.

Andrew Wala, PAES/PATE Executive Director