Help for Leszek

A very sad news: in Sztum, Poland, fire destroyed Leszek Michalik's home. Fortunatelly, Leszek and his Family were spared and not seriously injured. However a part of the valuable Indian art and craft collection, gathered by Leszek in Canada and USA, and shown at many exhibitions in Poland, is lost forever.
We ask all of the Society members for voluntary donations to help our colleague in these difficult days. For this reason we open separate page „ Help for Leszek”, where we will note all givers and the given amounts.
Members of the „Group USA” may send personal checks payable to „PAES” with the note in the lower left corner: „Leszek Michalik”.

All donations will be given in 100% to Leszek Michalik, and PAES/PATE will cover shipping & handling. Our members in EU may support Leszek by sending funds straight to his bank account:
Leszek Michalik

1. Krystyna Baliszewska $20
2. Andrzej Wala $20
3. Genowefa Lichoń $10
4. Edward Schwartz 30zł
5. Maciej Brzana 40zł
6. Polonia of South Jersey $100
7. anonymously $10